I’ve written a lot of meta lately and this is the one that’s going to cause strife, I know it. I’ve also discussed this with several people, some of whom chose to remain nameless, and it is a cogent argument. What this means is the argument stands up and becomes self evident, but it is not necessarily right. If you disagree do so, tell me why. However I will not respond to name calling and or slurs - because this is the meta that’s going to invite the wankstorm.

I recently posted a meta on why Derek Hale is the “hero” (here) using Joseph Campbell’s argument on the “monomyth” or “Hero’s Journey” (you might want to read that first) and one on why Stiles is the narrator (here) and it’s important you understand at least the basic concepts of this or this one probably won’t make a lot of sense.

The basics are these - Derek goes on the “hero’s journey” an act of passing through three thresholds, the first is the call to arms with a minor victory (Laura’s death leading to the victory of Peter) the second is the ordeal, the crucible and the resurrection (the ordeal is defeating the shadow self, a twisted version of the self that in Derek’s case is his behaviour when he first becomes alpha, we see him overcome that to fall prey to Jennifer - the crucible as she and the alpha pack strip him to his bones, and the resurrection - defeating Jennifer and it was Derek who did this) This creates the hero who is strong enough to overcome the big bad (and will often die doing this)

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I see a bad moon rising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightning.
I see bad times today.

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"Dude it’s Beacon Hills"
— AKA y’all mother fuckers are shit ass secret keepers. Are you serious man. You’ve been bleeding in front of me an inviting me to your weird ass parties and dying all the damn time. No normal teenagers take this much time off school. I hope you realize my best friend was fucking Jackson. Have you met Jackson? Jackson is a subtle as a train wreck on a fucking boat. He turned into a lizard and y’all thought “oh man Danny won’t notice” WHAT DID YOU THINM HAPPENED WHEN I HELPED RECOVER THE FOOTAGE YA DIP SHITS. Do you know who my closest girl friend is? Lydia fucking Martin. Did you think I wouldn’t notice her going crazy? Fuckin Stiles invited me over to his house and was like “this is my cousin Miguel” are you shitting me I realize that this is Derek Hale I watch the news. God fucking dammit guys. (via fuckyeahstydia)

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Allison Argent- Hunter

Chessboard Pieces (4/?)


I shed one tear — that’s all it takes? 

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