the hour of the star, by clarice lispector

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"It’s actually kind of scrappy. The idea was this is the kind of guy who can kill you with a straw. He’s precise, he’s very specific with what he does. But the idea is that it’s messy. He’ll use knives… knives were always a big part of the character. There is a lot of knife work in the movie for sure. And overall brutality. He’ll kill you with whatever is closest."

(Sebastian Stan talking about the Winter Soldier’s fighting style)

*dying whale noises*

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Darkest Hour Character Request - James “Bucky” Barnes | Winter Soldier

The Marvel Universe has entered its Darkest Hour. The heroes have fallen. Danger lurks around every corner. The mad men have taken over the asylum.
Anything goes. Everything is permitted. It’s a dog eat dog world.
Which side are you on?
The winning, or the righteous?

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bucky barnes

bucky barnes

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