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Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

I need to watch this again



And the progress thing.

I think I’ll leave this now and do something else…

I am a fan.


High Tide- Animation Short

Hawkeye takes down Iron Man- early Avengers animatic.

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Deathigner - short film

..In which the children of the gods of Death attend  reaper-school.

Look at this ADORABLE short film.

WATCH THIS. This is so fucking cute that I started to cry

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Salvador Dali & Walt Disney, Destino, 2003

Destino was storyboarded by Disney studio artist John Hench and artist Salvador Dalí for eight months in late 1945 and 1946; however production ceased not long after. The Walt Disney Company, then Walt Disney Studios, was plagued by many financial woes in the World War II era. Hench compiled a short animation test of about 17 seconds in the hopes of rekindling Disney’s interest in the project, but the production was no longer deemed financially viable and put on indefinite hiatus.

In 1999, Walt Disney’s nephew Roy E. Disney, while working on Fantasia 2000, unearthed the dormant project and decided to bring it back to life. Disney Studios France, the company’s small Parisian production department, was brought on board to complete the project. The short was produced by Baker Bloodworth and directed by French animator Dominique Monfréy in his first directorial role. A team of approximately 25 animators deciphered Dalí and Hench’s cryptic storyboards, and finished Destino’s production. 

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favorite movie scenes:
Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996)

Don’t let this siren cast her spell, don’t let her fire sear my flesh and bone.
Destroy Esmeralda and let her taste the fires of hell
Or else let her be mine and mine alone
Dark fire
Now gypsy, it’s your turn
Choose me or your pyre
Be mine or you will burn


More Muscle Car Wonder Woman with Extra Rolling Skating Giganta

I hope you got a chance to see the full version of the Robert Valley Wonder Woman short on DC Nation last weekend. If you did, you know it was awesome. And the good news and that there is more this weekend. 


Here’s a preview of Saturday’s upcoming DC Nation short on Cartoon Network. The short will star none other than Wonder Woman herself and was written and directed by Robert Valley - a phenomenal artist and a major contributor to the character design team for Disney’s Motorcity.