nostalgia group hug~ for one special girl who’s going through some hard times (u know who u are) based on this super cheesy reference photo I found while googling ‘hugs’.


Late Night Sketch Dump: Young Justice Poker Night


“W-What are you doing here?!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Wonder-boy.”


Young Justice #8

Young Justice #8

Young Justice #8

Young Justice #8


Young Justice #8

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first of all how dare you


first of all how dare you

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Superboy v3 #59

Apply 3 times a day on the injury.

my exact feelins


Superboy commission for the ever patient and lovely datbukkit

Was feelin some moody Kent farm blues lol hope you like :)


So I put together a sort of TimKon Starter Pack of comics that I think cover the base of the Tim/Kon relationship.

This works best if you have an idea of what’s going on in the universe in general, but I added a little more explanation to this list. A basic reading order is included in the zip. All files are cbr/cbz. Tell your friends, spread the joy, fire up your fic!

TimKon Starter Pack (240mb)

Short TimKon Canon Reading List:

World’s Finest Three #1-2 - Tim and Kon’s first meeting.

[Then comes Young Justice, which is optional because it’s not very shippy but it’s super-cute. Then some angst happens and Young Justice disbands.] (not included)

Teen Titans (vol 3) #1-2, 6, 13-14, 24-26, 32-33- these issues have a lot of Tim and Kon interaction and also cover a lot of important plot points that come up in fanfics.

Infinite Crisis #6 (Kon’s death) (optional, mostly here just to keep up with the plot) (not included)

[After Kon’s death, Tim does not deal well and tries to clone him.]

Teen Titans #37- The culmination of Tim’s attempts to clone Kon.

[Then time passes, Tim continues to be super-angsty and quits the Teen Titans and Batman “dies” and Tim becomes Red Robin and goes on a quest to find him, but Kon comes back to life!]

Adventure Comics #3 - Kon goes to find Tim after he returns.

Red Robin #9 - Kon visits Tim in Gotham (hugs!).

Red Robin #20 & Teen Titans #92 - Tim joins up with the Teen Titans again.