Your profession: Firebender (yep i knew it)

Your affiliation: Ozai’s Angels (Works with the Firebening doesn’t it?)

You will marry: Ty Lee (…. I can work with that. ;D, HANDSTANDS ALL THE WAYYY)

Cockblocked by: Suki (Yeah.. i hate her…

Profession: The Avatar (FUCK YEAH)

Affiliation: The Kyoshi Warriors

Will Marry: Toph Bei Fong

Cockblocked by: Uncle Iroh (I AM NOT KIDDING this is beautiful)

Where you live: Kyoshi Island

Number of children: One.

… that was the most consistent drag-and-drop game I’ve ever done, which is why I had to reblog it.

Basically I AM LIN’S FATHER okay :|

Profession: The Avatar (awwww yeah)

Affiliation: The Freedom Fighters

Will Marry: Ty Lee

Cockblocked by: Zuko (ugh some of us actually get laid, deal with it Zuko)

Where you live: Northern Air Temple

Number of children: Three.

I WANT A SHOW OF MY LIFE. I love you, Ty Lee.

Profession: Nonbender (awwww man. Oh well)

Affiliation: Order of the White Lotus

Will Marry: Suki

Cockblocked by: Suki (Aww jeez. Why do I gotta sleep out on the couch, Suki?)

Where you live: City of Ba Sing Se (Hell yeah!)

Number of children: None. (Which makes sense. Since I’m in a lesbian relationship and apparently not getting any.)

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My story’s length: 69 episodes (hehe…)

My genre: Comedy

My character: The Troll (fitting)

My lover: The cool type

The climax: Your straight friend accidentally kisses you

The ending: Your lover gets hit by a car (and leaves me a fortune…?)

So, 90 episodes of a romance. I’m the badass one with a hopeless pervert lover. At the climax, my lover holds my hand. And in the end, I finally lose my virginity.  Ho boy.

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I woke up next to - Castiel

at the - park

And remembered last night we - danced in the rain

then suddenly he said - Who are you?

I woke up next to: Bobby (ACH!!!!!!!)

On a: Waterbed


Then suddenly he said: Who are you? (BOBBEH YOU HOAR!)

I woke up next to Dean on a table and remembered that last we stargazing stargazed. Then suddenly he said, “Get back in bed with me.”


I woke up next to Dean on the roof and remembered that last night we made love. Then suddenly he said, “Get back in bed with me.”

I woke up next to Lucifer on the floor and remembered that last night we went clubbing. Then suddenly he said, “You are the love of my life.”

Well I guess I’m the devil’s mistress…..

I woke up next to Dean in a sleeping bag and remembered that last night we made love. Then suddenly he said, “Let’s do it again.”


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Best friend
: Mycroft

Crush on you: Sherlock

First kiss: Ms. Hudson

Lover: Molly

Dislikes you: Sherlock

Cockblocked by: Sherlock

Alright then. Get outta here Sherlock!





Doctor: Eleven! ^-^

Assisting Angel: Gabriel

Villain: The Silence 

Companion 1: Bobby Singer

Companion 2: Amy Pond

Companion 3: Sherlock! 

Doctor: Eleven

Assisting Angel: Gabriel

Villain: Crowley

Companion 1: Dean Winchester XD

Companion 2: Rory Williams

Companion 3: Mrs. Hudson haha

Doctor: Ten

Angel: Balthazar

Villain: James Moriarty

Companion #1: Dean Winchester

Companion #2: Captain Jack Harkness

Companion #3: Molly Hooper

I’m definitely ok with this :)

Doctor: 11

Assisting Angel: Castiel

Villain: Lucifer

Companion #1: Dean Winchester

Companion #2: Capt. Jack Harkness 

Companion #3: Sherlock Holmes

On the one hand I’m ecstatic, on the other, I just realized I’m the only female and I’m surrounded by mostly gay men

I’m traveling with Nine, my assisting angel is Cas, and my villian is DALEEEEEEEEKS.

My companions are Jo, Rose, and Lestrade.

I like this.

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I am an Elf! My lover is Faramir and I live in Fangorn Forest. Our pet is a Fell Beast, my weapon is a Staff and I die when I get stabbed in the face.

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shit yeah

marry dean at the roadhouse, drive the impala, my job is the mother of all, I have a priest kink (aw yiss) and three kids.

I will marry Dean Winchester, I will live in Sioux Falls, I’ll drive a 06 SRT8 Dodge Charger, my job is a psychic, my special kink is orgy (so does that mean I get to bring in young!John, Cas, and Sam?) and I’ll have twins.

I can live with this.

I will marry Crawley, live in hell, drive the mustang (which I’m ok with). My job is to take care of the family my special kink is voyeurism and I will have the demons as my children. This is a very dark life haha. I fear for my soul…..

Marry Gabriel, live as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent, my vehicle is teleportation, my job is sheriff of heaven, kink is panties, and 100+ children. I am surprisingly okay with all this.

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I am a pirate, my best friend is Naminé, I will marry Terra. I live in Hollow Bastion, have twins, and I tried to cockblock Saix. I can live with this.

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All signs point to yes!