Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Kon-El (Superboy) kissing. Drawn by Marcus To at Fan Expo 2014, in Toronto.

Here’s the scan, as promised!

Welcome to my entirely too many new followers that I acquired while I was in the bus back from the convention! I am pretty sure you are all here because of this particular piece of art, so I think you might enjoy my commission tag. Although, fair warning, some of it is NSFW since I don’t only commission DC/Marvel artists.

everything in my life has led up to this moment


thats it thats the entire ship


thats it thats the entire ship


“W-What are you doing here?!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Wonder-boy.”

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So I put together a sort of TimKon Starter Pack of comics that I think cover the base of the Tim/Kon relationship.

This works best if you have an idea of what’s going on in the universe in general, but I added a little more explanation to this list. A basic reading order is included in the zip. All files are cbr/cbz. Tell your friends, spread the joy, fire up your fic!

TimKon Starter Pack (240mb)

Short TimKon Canon Reading List:

World’s Finest Three #1-2 - Tim and Kon’s first meeting.

[Then comes Young Justice, which is optional because it’s not very shippy but it’s super-cute. Then some angst happens and Young Justice disbands.] (not included)

Teen Titans (vol 3) #1-2, 6, 13-14, 24-26, 32-33- these issues have a lot of Tim and Kon interaction and also cover a lot of important plot points that come up in fanfics.

Infinite Crisis #6 (Kon’s death) (optional, mostly here just to keep up with the plot) (not included)

[After Kon’s death, Tim does not deal well and tries to clone him.]

Teen Titans #37- The culmination of Tim’s attempts to clone Kon.

[Then time passes, Tim continues to be super-angsty and quits the Teen Titans and Batman “dies” and Tim becomes Red Robin and goes on a quest to find him, but Kon comes back to life!]

Adventure Comics #3 - Kon goes to find Tim after he returns.

Red Robin #9 - Kon visits Tim in Gotham (hugs!).

Red Robin #20 & Teen Titans #92 - Tim joins up with the Teen Titans again.




It’s been a while.

Did this as thanks to my friend Kie for helping me out with my Elizabeth cosplay.

Edit: I just realized all the mistakes sobs, I’ll fix them later.


??? ..I guess what’s happening is that Conner, who is unaware of Robin’s identity, saves Tim during a trip to Gotham. Bart however, knows Tim’s identity and is aware of Tim’s massive crush, and he procedes to ‘accidentally’ drop hints. Or smth. =u=;;

I was trying to scribble something tgther for the ‘Titans Together’ prompt of of TimKon week today, but yeah /hangs head/ ._. Hah tho this kinda reminds me of the “Tim keeps tripping ‘round Conner” fics. Oh Tim.


Kon doesn’t even realise he’s grabbed Tim’s hand.

"No, no, let me just show you this one thing, come on!’



More babyyy

Superdads get home to relieve the sitter


I’m going to have a heart attack and die I love this so much.  Like.  Seriously.  Oh.  G0d.  I’m going to curl up clutching myself and just emit pure love for a while now.  kthxbai


once you’re TimKon, you’re TimKon for life

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